Ragging Banned

DCMTE is an epitome of decency, excellence, humanism and holiness. Therefore, students are supposed to maintain optimal decency establishing ideal conducts for others to follow. Say, no to ragging by the ruling of the “Ministry of Human Resources Development, Government of India.
What is Ragging?
Any act resulting in:
  • Mental/Physical/Sexual Abuse
  • Verbal / abuse
  • Indecent behavior
  • Insult to human dignity
  • Financial exploitation / extortion
  • Use of force
A student indulging in ragging can be:
  • Expelled from the Institution.
  • Banned from the mess/hostel.
  • His/ Her scholarship can be withdrawn.
  • Denied admission to any institution.
  • Prosecuted for criminal action.
  • Debarred from examination.
  • Institutions have been asked to file FIR with local police against those who indulge in or abet ragging.

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